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On This Day On This Day
Clint Hoover Trio

Harmonica Educator
Harmonica Happenings
Harmonica World

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Song Name (Composer)
1. Cheesecake (Dexter Gordon)
2. Blesette (Jean "Toots" Thielemans, Norman Gimbel)
3. Lament (J. J. Johnson)
4. Sister Sadie (Horace Silver)
5. Witch Hunt (Wanye Shorter)
6. Swingin' Shepherd Blues (Moe Koffman)
7. Joy Spring (Clifford Brown)

On this latest offering, Clint Hoover finally steps out of the role of sideman and easily slips into a leadership position. His concept was simple: to capture a spontaneous, off the cuff session in the spirit of the great Blue Note jazz recordings of the 50's. He hand picked classic jazz compositions by such luminaries as Dexter Gordon, Wayne Shorter, Clifford Brown and, of course, Toots Thielemans. It was recorded in one day (hence the title), and is 'live' in the studio. There is little, if any, preconceived arranging.

The results are fresh and exciting. One listen will reveal that Clint has not been resting on his laurels as an improviser on the chromatic harmonica. His melodic and harmonic ideas have expanded and matured. His tone and execution is smoother, subtler, and more expressive. On a hot version of the Horace Silver composition, Sister Sadie, Clint demonstrates his versatility by playing jazz diatonic harp.

Although he leads the project, it is definitely an ensemble effort. Eric Graham plays the bass with authority and grace. David Hupp plays the piano with great sensitivity. Collectively, there is excellent interplay between the instruments and a keen sense of dynamics, space and texture. All three musicians are great 'listeners.' The CD was recorded at Wild Sound Studios, which is widely known as the place to go in Minnesota for superb sound when recording acoustic jazz. All in all, this is a fine debut for Clint as a leader. It's also a thoroughly satisfying experience for the listener, leaving you with a sense of anticipation for Clint's next solo outing.
...On This Day is here and it is more than worth the wait. It is jazz triumphantly spilled through a harmonica by a sensitive, imaginative, assertive artist...The Clint Hoover Trio is as good as it gets, this album, On This Day is an absolute must. It’s a jazz offer you can’t refuse.
Charles Spranklin, Harmonica Happenings

Just what you need when you want an hour or so of relaxed bluesy jazz harmonica from one of the best players around.
Harmonica World, England
This set mostly showcases Clint’s beautiful chromatic playing...He has remarkable facility with the instrument, a lightness of touch that makes his playing effortless. Clint also breaks out the diatonic...and shows that his over blow skills rank with the best of them.
Pat Missin, The Harmonica Educator
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