“To the short list of great jazz harmonica players, you can now add the name Clint Hoover. Mild mannered off stage, he’s a monster onstage or in the studio, a smokin’ and soulful soloist who will huff and puff and cajole your house down.”

Tom Surowicz, Minneapolis Star and Tribune music critic and host of Monday Evening Jazz on KBEM radio, Mpls.

“The word for his playing on this CD is “heroic.” It firmly establishes Clint as one of the handful of the world’s most accomplished jazz harmonica players.”

Richard Hunter, author of Jazz Harp


“Hoover stands out, ranking right up there in the small fraternity of harmonica players (Jean “Toots” Thielemans, Hendrik Meurkens, Howard Levy).”

Bob ProtzmanSt. Paul Pioneer Press


“…one of the very best and most inventive players of the blues around today.”

Benoit FeltenPlanet Harmonica


“It is very easy to be positive about Clint’s playing. He has covered so many musical styles with such grace that it is impossible not to be impressed. There isn’t one CD that I’ve heard that Clint hasn’t made it sound that much better

…Listening through 15 CD’s of Clint‘s playing has been a real joy. One of the things that attracts me to the harmonica is the fact that it is a simple instrument that can be extraordinarily versatile in the hands of someone who really knows how to play it. Listening to the career of Clint‘s playing, he changes between diatonic and chromatic with absolute ease and jumps from style to style as though he’s spent a lifetime in that particular style. I can hardly wait to hear more of his playing in the future.”

Peter Krampert, Author, The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica

“…a true master of the instrument. …an amazing musician with a unique and individual voice.”

David LipkindThe Harmonica Educator


“Once again, the imaginative Hoover validates his place as a world class player on the challenging chromatic harp.”

Dan EmersonThe Chord / Electric Fetus, Mpls, MN

“Clint plays the harp the way Picasso paints…”

Dale KingHarmonica Player (Germany)

“Clint has a style that virtually transcends the instrument.”

Phil Lloyd, American Harmonica Newsmagazine

“…a real master of both harmonicas.”

Colin MortHarmonica World (England)

We have very few harmonicists in this area, and Clint Hoover reigns supreme. If a tune calls for sax or clarinet, he reshapes for harmonica as if that was the intended voice—be it hot club swing or hard core bebop. Makes you wonder why the harmonica has not found a bigger niche in jazz.”

Andrea Canter, JazzINK

“Sterling harmonica wizard…”

James Musser, Iowa City Press-Citizen

“…plays at a level rarely achieved…”

Scott Briggs, Twin Cities Reader

“…the most striking thing is the skill of Clint Hoover. His solos are deft and moving and help to infuse Geezy’s songs with the raw emotion that they strive for.”

The Reader Weekly, Duluth, MN

“…Extraordinary player…”

Mike Steele, Minneapolis StarTribune



Clint Hoover Finds Jazz in Dream of The Serpent Dog

by Phil Lloyd, Contributing Editor
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The Sugar Kings, a Confection of Spirit and Sound

Red Wing Republican Eagle, August 23rd, 2001
By Ruth Nerhaugen, Staff Writer

A Harmonica Journey

By Clint Hoover
The Harmonica Educator, Winter 1997

The Sugar Kings bring back jug band tradition

The Free Press, Mankato, MN September 13th, 2001

Double C Dilemma

by Clint Hoover

Marlene Parrish
, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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