Egyptian Fantasy

Egyptian Fantasy
Willie & The Specters

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Song Name (Composer)
Sway Sur La Rue Royale (Jerry Douglas, 2008)
Egyptian Fantasy (Sidney Bechet, 1941)
Hellhound on My Trail (Robert Johnson, 1937)
Way Down in the Hole (Tom Waits, 1987)
Lullaby of the Leaves (Young and Petkere, 1922)
Quiereme Mucho (Gonzalo Roig)
St. James Infirmary Blues
Singing the Blues (Lewis, Young, Conrad and Robinson, 1927)
Big Lip Blues (Jelly Roll Morton, 1940)
A Ghost of a Chance (Young, Crosby, Washington, 1932)

Peter Krampert, Author, The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica

I have finally made my way through the pile of CD’s that were sent to me by master Jazz harmonica player Clint Hoover and he certainly showed yet a different side of his playing. The CD is titled “Egyptian Fantasy” by the group Willie & The Specters and it’s absolutely colossal. It’s very heavy on the guitar, especially slide guitar and Clint manages to blend in very tastefully. Most of the music is traditional Jazz with a few side-trips in non-traditional Jazz territory. The CD’s title piece is by Sidney Bechet and I’ve been listening to Bechet on and off for the past 40 years or so. Clint has listened to him just as intently and captures the sound of Bechet’s Soprano Sax/Clarinet work beautifully. Jazz is in very good hands with players like Clint.

Born in the bars and recording studios of Northeast Minneapolis, comes this gritty blend of jazz, blues, and latin influences. With a unique sound led by Willie Scott on dobro and Clint Hoover on harp, and featuring some nifty arrangements, this package spans decades of American music.

Stellar appearances by the best of the Minneapolis scene (Bruce Henry on vocals, Marc Anderson on percussion, JT Bates on drums, Kari Larson on mandolin, Kyle Tennis and Bobby Ekstrand on guitars, Lee Blaske on keyboards, and James Buckley on bass) complete the sound.

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